My name is Kiril Tanev

I am a certified fitness instructor by the National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” and Bulgarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation

In 1998, for the first time I entered the fitness gym with Enyo Rangelov’s book in hand. Since then I am in love with workouts, fitness nutrition and fitness lifestyle.

I have been specializing in diet and sports nutrition, workouts and supplementation for 12 years.

For this period I have worked with more than 3000 clients with more than 90% achievement of the set goals.

My Methods

The methods I have chosen for me and my clients are fully natural without the USAGE of hormones and other forbidden medicines. I have made this choice for myself because I realized that in order to understand how the body functions I must analyze and control its natural processes. Importing hormones from the outside, the body starts working in a completely different way, recovery and workouts are much more different and do not follow the natural rhythm and functioning of the organism. Post-cycle period is often accompanied by hormone misbalance, impaired mental and physical condition which leads to worse results in this period. I have chosen maintenance of good and functional physique throughout the whole year and that is why I cannon afford intake of steroids and other hormones.

A license to perform bodybuilding and fitness training

  • The results of a professional are best rated by his clients’ reviews
    Clients’ results BodyConstuctor
    Stories and transformations of clients
  • Team KT – In 2013 I founded a team which actively participates in the competitions of Bulgarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and wins awards here and abroad.
  • Preparation of elite athletes in other sports

Reality Programs

Kiril Tanev: `You don’t always get what you wish for but you always get what you work hard for!`

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