Yordan and his Summer Physical Shape

Yordan and his Summer Physical Shape

I have the pleasure to present to you another interesting transformation. Today my guest is Yordan with whom I have worked for several months and the results he achieved are impressive. I hope when young people see his physical shape they shall believe in sports and training, proper nutrition and its combination with workouts and recovery.
Here is what Yordan shared with us:

“My name is Yordan Hasabiev, I am 30 years old and I live in Holland. I practiced a lot of sports in the last few years, most of which combat but I opted for fitness because my aim was to build a strong and athletic physique. For this reason, I had to find a suitable mentor. I worked with several but our cooperation did not lead to good results. While I was watching TV, I came across the TV show “Super Transformation” and there I saw Kiril Tanev whose kharizma, approach and professionalism impressed me immediately. This is how I chose him and I was sure that he is the man who will help me meet my goal.
Training and nutrition changed my life radically. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to combine preparation of food, the fact that I had to eat at intervals with my busy schedule. My strong ambition and desire to achieve my goals helped me to adapt quickly and the results followed.
One of the challenges I had to face is the fact that I have a sweet tooth and sweets are something I cannot resist. Somehow, I manage with a lot of commitment and discipline. Only I know what efforts I make and what price I pay for this.
My initial expectations were not very big because it is very difficult for my body to change and if changes happen, they take a long time. However, with Kiril, things started happening the first month and I had the results, which with the other instructors I could not reach for 3 months. Kiril Tanev went beyond my expectations and took me in the right direction!
My advice to everybody who wants improve their physical shape, not to be ashamed of their body but to use the help of a professional like Kiril Tanev and do it! However, they have to be aware of the fact that he is not a magician and without their cooperation and commitment, he will not be able to help them. Kiril is an exceptional professional, understanding, capable of working in a team, which is extremely important for achieving results. Do everything you can and your efforts will be awarded. I am so grateful to him for his warm attitude and professionalism!”

This is the story of Yordan with whom we have great results. I do not publish nutrition and training plans of my clients on purpose because they are individual and if other people apply them the results will not be the same.

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