Why is it important to train with a fitness instructor?

Why is it important to train with a fitness instructor?

We live in times when healthy eating, physical activity and sports occupy a very important place in peoples’ lives. Dictated by vanity, pursuit of healthier lifestyle or considered even a path of healing and treatment of different illnesses, these activities (for some of us – lifestyle) lead us more and more often to fitness gyms and sports centers, sports grounds or outside in nature, in the park or in the mountains. Every day we are flooded with information on how to improve our quality of life with sports and proper nutrition and at some point we get confused and we become suspicious and insecure. It is not easy at all to choose the most suitable for us physical activity and to be sure that it will bring the maximum results, won’t damage our health and last but not least will be pleasant and enjoyable. But let’s assume that we choose a certain physical activity – as we all know, nowadays, most preferable are the workouts at the gym. One sunny day we find ourselves in the gym and ……” immediately a question occurs: “What do I do now?”. In the best case, we choose the cardio equipment, most often the treadmill and start running to utter exhaustion, after which we don’t have power for anything else and surely we will jump on the first junk food meal which comes into sight. In this way, first, we harm ourselves and our health and second even if we manage to lose a kilo or two, our body will never look healthy, proportional and well-shaped. I will not go into detail about the injures we can get from the improper usage of fitness machines which we don’t know how to use, when and how many reps and sets we should do.

Every organism is different, every body is unique, all needs of our organism are strictly individual and if a nutrition plan is suitable for one person, it does not mean that it will be good enough and effective for somebody else. Good looks and good health are harmony and balance which in sports is achieved only through the synergic action of training and nutrition. Do not expect to train well without an effective and suitable individual nutrition plan. Do not expect any good results as well. And the opposite, if you just consume less calories than needed, without proper physical activity coordinated with your individual physical needs and body structure, better don’t lose your time and redirect your energy to other activities.



Probably you don’t want to waste your power, time and energy and look like you have never entered a fitness gym, do you? Or due to your effort to train particular muscle groups to look disproportionate. To fail in reaching the ideal weight for you despite the exhaustive diets or to lack power and energy in your workouts although you eat enough. You don’t feel motivated or you are bored in the gym? There is only one answer – fitness instructor! This is the person who will motivate and encourage you. Your personal fitness instructor will prepare an individual nutrition and training plan for you with which you will achieve maximum results. He will be next to you in the gym to show you every single exercise, how to perform it, the number of reps and sets which are optimal for each exercise. Your fitness instructor will save you from unpleasant injuries and will answer all the questions connected with workouts and nutrition you could possibly have. Sometimes, when you lose your motivation because you have come to a plateau, he will be the person who will stimulate you because the right words at the right time are those which will bring back your power and spirit! The fast and long-term results, which you will achieve with a personal fitness instructor, will increase your self-confidence and motivation to train. Your workouts will be much more effective because your personal fitness instructor will create an individual training plan which will be fully coordinated with your personal needs and abilities. Performing the exercises which are right for you guarantees that you are on the right track.

Be sure that investing in your health by training with a personal fitness instructor is the best approach and best investment for every beginner.

The only thing you should do is to choose the proper person for you who is trustworthy and will do what is necessary to make you feel confident and relaxed. First, he will ask you what you eat, if you have ever done any sports, about your lifestyle, your current physical activity, what results you expect from the workouts, will ask you several questions about your physique and body structure. For the preparation of your nutrition plan, he will want to know how you eat, which foods you prefer and which you don’t. After all, training and nutrition should not be a torture to you.

Afterwards, you will proceed with the most important part – the workouts in the gym. In the beginning, you should start with light, introduction exercises, which aim to move and warm your body rather than load it. I prefer warm-up with regular cardio, not more than 5-10 minutes at high incline of the treadmill. This will warm most of your muscle groups; will prepare your pulse and cardiac activity for the workout. At the very beginning, I recommend starting with basic exercises, which engage most of your muscle groups; it is still early for specific exercises, which target particular muscle groups. Depending on your goals, whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, you perform the exercises with or without weights. In case beginners happen to use weights, usually they are very small. For a start, I recommend 3-4 sets, with 7-10 reps.

Of course, when you want to reduce weight, you should do cardio not less than 3 times per week with duration, which you increase gradually starting from 15-20 minutes fast walking at a moderate incline of the treadmill. For beginners, I recommend 3-4 training days per week – every training day should be followed by a rest day, which shall ensure full recovery of the muscle groups.

Gradually, as time passes, you will feel a surge of power and energy, you will learn to perform the exercises perfectly, will acquire experience and self – confidence.

Training with a fitness instructor is your guarantee that you are on the right track; that you do what you should under the supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable person; that you will continue to develop and improve yourself; you will achieve your goals faster and with quality; you will not make mistakes in your workouts and nutrition which shall hinder your path to the desired results.

So, do not hesitate to find your person, if you have decided to take this way and enter the fitness gym because this is an investment in your health, which should always be your top priority! Thus, you show self-respect!

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