Veselina Chernoglazova and her way to the stage

Veselina Chernoglazova and her way to the stage

Every time I wanted to start writing my story, I felt that it was not the right moment until I realized that the moment had come. Two and a half years ago, when everything started, I was so impressed by my first results that I had the enormous desire to write about them but I felt that it was too early for that…

And just now it became clear that every person we meet in our life has a purpose and in one way or another leaves a mark on us. When someone teaches you of the first steps in a new undertaking and you turn it into an inseparable part of yourself, it surely leaves its fingerprints on your individuality, personality, physical and mental condition, the way you look and perceive yourself and on the people around you.

Kiril Tanev – a coach in the beginning, now one of my closest friends, is the person who set the big start of a new and much different stage of my life.

Here is my story – my name is Veselina, I am 36 years old. As a student, I did not practice any sports activities despite in my school gym classes where the only sports I did, were badminton and basketball. I definitely had difficult puberty, low self – esteem and I felt terribly flabby and chubby. I have never been fat or overweight but my figure was not very proportional. My parents never encouraged me to start any sport so I myself started looking for some kind of physical activity where to spend my energy. In the 90s, in Burgas, there were no modern and professional gyms and the single time I stepped in one of those I found a room similar to a smithery workshop where there was nothing suitable but a veloergometer and big muscular men who lifted weights. I was so frightened that I never even thought of going in this “hole” again. Then I found a small gym in the firefighting building in Burgas where two girls held classes in callanetics and aerobics. Thus, I made my first steps in “sports”. I managed to lose weight and I definitely improved my self-esteem even though at that time diet for me meant to starve. Later on, I moved to Germany where I graduated university. As a student who did not have much finance, the only food I could afford was pasta, canned food, ready-to-cook food and enormous quantities of biscuits. The lack of information for Hay dieting, healthy and clean eating, stress, going to bed late, lack of rhythm in everyday activities, almost no sports apart from riding a bicycle brought me to a point when my immunes system collapsed and I was constantly sick. Until the moment when one of my friends took me to the gym. I started doing cardio regularly and moved from one machine to another without knowing what I was doing. I had almost no results; the food I ate remained almost the same. Moreover, I ate mainly fast carbohydrates and I was wondering why nothing was improving. Although I definitely felt a little better than before….

At that time, I decided to move back to Bulgaria. I immediately subscribed to a fitness gym and started doing fitness more regularly. Alone, without a coach. I did this for a year, again without much success. I was under huge stress because of my return to Bulgaria and the new stage in my life, so I lost a lot of weight and I weighed only 45 kg. My motivation was gone. I started work which distracted me a little from the negative emotions, after that I got pregnant and suppressed all negative emotions deep inside me. During my pregnancy, I gained only 8 kilograms, which I lost very quickly. Now is the time to mention that I did not stop my physical activity during pregnancy, I did yoga, exercises with small weights at home, long walks on the outside. When my child became three years old, I lost close relatives, had to suffer a lot of negative situations which set my nervous system on edge and brought me a nervous breakdown. I was skin and bones, weighed less than 45 kilograms. This was the period when I hit the bottom – isolated myself from my family and friends, I stopped enjoying life and lived in fear. I constantly feared that I was sick and took huge amounts of medicines. I suffered from insomnia, felt tired, did not want to go to work, did not want to play with my child, I constantly cried. I diagnosed myself with different illnesses and had panic attacks. That was the time when I realized that I either give myself a chance and start loving myself again and become useful to me and the people around me or give up and it is all over. I met a person who helped me to go “beyond myself”, to recognize and express my emotions and to change my energy and thoughts. I felt that it was time to change something, something, which over a period would distract me from the negative emotions and gradually bring me back to life.

And one day, I accidentally received a flyer of a newly opened fitness gym in Burgas. I started attending classes like HIIT, Power Pump regularly and sometimes used the machines without any particular plan. I was afraid of the weights but I admired the girls in good physical shape and well developed muscles. Later on, I met my first coach who hugely supported me at that time, lighted my interest to fitness workouts and started training me personally. I definitely noticed the change in my physical shape and this encouraged me to emphasize on the weight workouts. At one point, we stopped our workouts together but this did not demotivate me, just the opposite, I decided to continue alone and practice what I had learned. The second week, I realized that serious results cannot be reached without professional support. I needed someone to monitor my progress on a weekly basis and to design an individual plan for me. I had decided to change my life completely and to disclose a completely different aspect of my personality. At that time, I learned who Kiril Tanev is thanks to a friend of mine. She contacted me with him two and a half years ago. I do not know why but I had the inner feeling that he was the person who would set the new beginning in my life. Kiril answered my email immediately, sent me a questionnaire that I filled in and it all started – I received my first training and nutrition plan. Kiril trained with me for some time and I remember very well how he explained to me the technique of every exercise in detail and how important it was to feel the pain in the muscle group you train. I was so motivated that at the third week I was reborn, my relatives and the people around me said that I was “newly sculptured”. I could see every single muscle in my body, I was shredded and I was extremely happy. I rediscovered the feminine side of my personality, I felt attractive and managed to create a wonderful organization in my daily routine, I got up early in the morning, went to the gym with great pleasure, in the evening I cooked my dinner and never even thought to eat something out of my plan. I took my food boxes to work and ate in the indicated hours, and despite the criticism of my friends and colleagues, I never gave up my goal and continued doing what I love! I just knew that I lived my life to the maximum. I started loving myself again, met new friends, I cleaned my life from people I had nothing in common with and was full of positivism, which I generously gave to the others. I became very confident in my work; I occupied a senior position – my professional results improved. My health condition improved, I even healed the chronic gastritis I suffered from since I was a student, I forgot about doctors, pharmacies and medicines. I was flying. The encounter with Kiril and his not only professional but human and friendly attitude made me a whole new person. I myself told him several times what a key role he had in my life and how his motivation, commitment and desire for self-improvement had a hundred percent impact on me and brought me to a point when I eagerly waited for every single update of my training and nutrition plan and wanted more and more.
From a fitness amateur, I started turning into a fitness professional and consequently a competitor. I never went on holiday without three bags with food, which were more than my personal luggage and always looked for a place where I can train even while I am on vacation – even the playgrounds I turned into mini fitness gyms. I felt incredible pleasure from fitness, weights, I experimented with myself, I searched for more and more information, read, I wanted to know everything about the process, what Kiril’s aim was with every update. There was not a single time when he did not answer to my questions and his opinion was of great importance to me. After three bulk periods and carefully designed nutrition and training plans, I can say that my body is much more proportional and with better-developed muscle structure.

I have always been critical to myself and Kiril is the professional who always sees not only the strong sides but also the weaknesses in my progress and what always impress me is his competent, objective opinion and his sincere attitude. He has been kind but also harsh with me and this has always motivated me even more. Kiril is a person who I have never seen angry or negative although everybody has his bad moments. I am grateful to him because he saw my desire to go further in my quest for winning but also taught me to have a realistic view on the situations – not to have my head in the clouds and accept every downfall as just another step ahead. I am grateful to him for believing in me and supporting me with his whole heart. I am grateful to him for teaching me of hard training and getting up so early; for the fact that he fully transformed me; for showing me the right direction; for always being positive and patient with my changing moods.

After my first competition, I was convinced that I am part of Team KT. I know how important it is to work in a team and to share not only the good but the bad moments as well. The team and its integrity is what makes me want more from myself. I am fully aware of the fact that everything has its price and you should make sacrifices especially for a goal like this, which consumes plenty of energy, efforts and patience but teaches us how to be more organized, disciplined and brave in taking decisions and risks. For me, it’s worth it because I want not only to be an athlete or competitor but to be an example to at least a small part of you with my motivation, with what I have learned and experienced and I am ready to share. To inspire you to find your best sides, to believe in yourself and follow your dreams at any price! I found my femininity, beauty, confidence and self-esteem thanks to Kiril! The best is that you can be the next, isn’t it?

I fulfilled my biggest dream to become a winner in WBFF, I took first award in Diva Bikini Model in the WBFF competition held on the 4th of November 2017 in London.

I am impatient to meet the new challenges of Team KT. Because I am convinced in what Kiril says – “The best is yet to come!”


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