The amazing performance of Team KT in London

The amazing performance of Team KT in London

The WBFF World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. is a diverse lifestyle brand servicing the fitness, beauty, fashion, competitive sport, health, and wellness industries. Through event production and mass media the WBFF has successfully introduced a once niche market to a receptive global mainstream audience. WBFF is the fastest growing beauty and fitness organization in the industry merging fashion and beauty in a unique and spectacular event like no other seen around the world.

WBFF series of events across North America and around the globe provide an arena for the best contestants. WBFF is home to some of the most facinating, glamorous and most beautiful models in the world. Professionally executed and entertaining WBFF competitions combine competitive spirit with beauty, glamour and show.

Our Team KT (Eva Georgieva, Veselina Chernoglazova) with Coach Kiril Tanev participated in the WBFF competition, which was held on the 4th of November 2017 in Arena O2, London.

The founder of this prestigious series of competitions, events and strategic partnerships is the world famous bodybuilder Paul Dillett. Born in 1965, in Montreal, Canada, Paul Dillett is one of the top names in the world bodybuilding, who despite the fact that never took Mr. Olympia award, always occupied the first positions.

During the registration of the contestants, Paul Dillet held an extremely impressive and motivating speech with which he made not only the contestants but also all of us who were present to forget about anxiety and feel like home. He emphasized on the prestige and importance of participating in WBFF competitions, told us about the sportsmanship of the bodybuilders from the time when he himself was a competitor and underlined the fact that the best thing is to win but it is even better if you competed against worthy competitors, which you treated with respect.

We are proud to announce that our Team KT (Eva Georgieva, Veselina Chernoglazova) with Coach Kiril Tanev, not only participated but won the first awards in the categories as follows:

Diva Fitness Model – Eva Georgieva 1st place and WBFF Procard
Diva Bikini Model – Veselina Chernoglazova 1st place and WBFF Procard

Rivalry was extremely strong, criteria severe, but our girls performed brilliantly as they demonstrated not only perfect physical shape, which outstood among the others, but incompatible poise and sex appeal, which literally enchanted the jury.

But what exactly is a DIVA?!?!
A diva is a goddess. A woman who is adored, especially for her beauty.
Contestants for the Diva Fitness Model category are being judged not only on their physique and fitness but their sense of style, poise, overall beauty and stage presence.
Our girl Eva Georgieva presented class, physique, taste and femininity and impressed not only the jury but the whole audience.

The competition in her category was in two rounds:
1st round: Bikini performance, where Eva demonstrated her perfect physical shape.
2nd round: Themewear performance, where Eva was dresses in a designer themewear, inspired and created especially for her, which skillfully underlined her exquisiteness and femininity.

The contestants in Diva Bikini Model outstood with beauty, grace and tenderness. The jury criteria were concentrated on their beauty, femininity, figure, physical fitness, and tone.

Our girl Veselina Chernoglazova impressed not only with her physical characteristics and appearance but also with an enviable sex appeal, which literally electrified the stage and made the audience hold their breath. Vesi demonstrated such physique, style, kharizma and stage behavior that the famous world stars could envy. Female contestants in this category were judged upon their beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, and confidence – characteristics, which Vesi had plenty of.

In her category, the competition also consisted of two rounds.
1st round: Performance in 2 piece bikini suit, where Vesi wore bikini, designed and created especially for her in bordeaux, richly decorated with stones and lace, which complemented her tenderness and grace. The confidence with which Vesi conquered the stage made the jury and audience fall in love with her.

2nd round: Performance in a classy evening gown. Vesi was dressed in a black lace evening gown, which complemented her class, tenderness, femininity and grace.

The success of our team is phenomenal, we performed more than excellently and won the awards we deserve. The WBFF procards we won are not only a reward but a huge responsibility as well. The forthcoming competitions with professionals require more focused and tough preparation with even more efforts and professionalism. Our girls are motivated and eager to conquer the world so the best is yet to come!

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