Once Upon a Time…..

Once Upon a Time…..

This is a story, which may not be interesting to everybody. The story of a girl and her first steps in her new life.

You know that there is a point in our lives when it becomes difficult to deal with mundane things, you feel frustration and less satisfaction and this is the moment to change something. This happened to me three years ago and I decided that it is time to change something in my daily routine. My work and the position I had were very stressful and I was emotionally exhausted. I realized that I would not be able to live like this and decided that the change would come if I started practicing some kind of sport.

The first person to ask for advice was a close friend of mine who is an active sports person and professional athlete. I called him and shared my decision. Literally, the same day he asked me to meet at the municipal stadium. Until that moment, I never did any sport and was not physically active.

At the first round, he was running next to me. I will never forget his words: “Yana, I will do my best for you! All I need from you is to be serious!” This entered my mind so deeply that I repeat it ever since. I will spare how my first workout finished, not to scare somebody!

The first three months he was constantly with me during my workouts. At that time, I was not following any nutrition plan but I restricted the quantity and type of foods I consumed. After these three months, he went to live in the USA and I had to continue with the workouts alone. I did it, I was serious with my workouts – my will was untamable and after all I had promised him, but what was most important – I had promised myself!

After a while, I changed my job. New people, new city, everything was new and of course, stressful to me. Although the team was and still is great, it takes time to adapt to a new organization and environment.

Shortly after that, I had a health problem, which was very serious and frightened me a lot. I had to start a medical treatment, which was quite difficult to endure. It was a strange coincidence but at the same time the person next to me realized that I am not the woman for him and decided to leave. At this extremely difficult moment, the people on whose shoulder I could cry were my mother and my best friend – the people who were and still are always by my side. I will be grateful to them all my life!

At that time, I was a heavy smoker and I was smoking a lot! I promised myself that if the treatment was successful I would never light a cigarette again. It was not long and the results came. Fortunately, they were very good (I cannot describe the feeling). Since that day, I never lit a cigarette. I just want to underline the fact that I had been smoking for 13 years. To give up smoking was not that difficult, but my body passed through different physical and mental states, which had almost killing effect on me.

At that time, I went on with the workouts but my motivation was low. The combination of circumstances was such that a close friend of mine to whom I told about my condition advised me to contact Kiril Tanev. He was convinced that this was the best coach for me. At that time, I was 49 kg and 167 cm tall. I was too slim. I wanted to put on weight, to have rounded forms, to look good but only if I gained muscles. I was very skeptical and could not believe that an online coach could help me and I did not know what exactly would happen. But I decided to try, there was nothing to lose. I contacted Kiril. He showered me with questions and I kept answering and answering… But he had to know everything and this was the right thing to do.

I still remember my first training and nutrition plan. There was so much food. I expected this as he warned me that it would be difficult in the beginning but if I was persistent enough I would make it. Until that moment, I had never eaten so much and trained that hard. Believe me, it was very difficult in the beginning. I cried, I was in a state that it was difficult to stand on my feet, but I did not give up! Everybody wondered why I do this to myself and a lot of people rebuked me. There were even people who mocked at me. It is difficult to explain to somebody how you feel, to fully convey your emotions. Workouts – this was my way to escape from reality and when I went to the gym everything changed, I was calm, balanced and focused. Yes, I had my difficult moments – moments when nobody understood me and nobody wanted to speak with me I was just difficult to bear. I was in an awful state of mind – nervous and edgy. That is why I do not blame people for not wanting to communicate with me.

But I will never forget one evening when I was in a tragic condition. I was offended and misunderstood again. I was alone and received a text message from Kiril: “Yana how are you? Is everything ok?” This was the right message at the right moment! My eyes filled with tears. I did not answer him immediately, I did this the next day – I just could not bring myself to do it. In that period, only Kiril could bear me, only he supported me, he was the only person who gave me strength to move on and motivated me with his positivism. And this happened only online as he lives in another city. Kiril did not train with me physically, he did not show me how to do the exercises but his program did it. I was alone in the gym, with my headset on and the phone in my hand to check which the next exercise is. I felt Kiril’s presence and in fact he answered all the foolish questions, which I wrote to him. And believe me, that was a lot of questions.

Even now when I ask him how he beared me, he smiles and says he did not do anything for me. Yes, there is no way for him to know how in the evenings I stayed in the dark and cried because I was so tired and full of nerves and at that moment only he cared about me. He made me smile even when my eyes were filled with tears, and motivated me with only a few sentences. He helped me do a huge new step forward in my life. Kiril broke my convictions and made me believe that still there are people who will give you a hand in a difficult moment.

Thanks to him I changed and became a better person, the person I have always wanted to be and I did it because in his strange and funny way he showed me how. Of course, there are moments when I cannot stand him / joking/. But I know that everything he tells me and all these hard training and nutrition plans he makes me follow give results and I know why I spend so much efforts. Not only to have good looks but to feel good and be in harmony with myself. To love how I look, my unbending spirit, to motivate the people around me and every single day to improve my inner self!

A lot of people ask me questions like: “Why are you doing this to yourself, why do you need it, you have no social life?” I am pretty sure that those who read now do it too I can only say – this is my way to feel good in my body, it brings me joy, this is my reality, I feel complete and the most important is that I found out who I am and what I want to be. It is not just a whim “to have my abs for the summer” or to impress somebody with a beautiful body.

The most important thing for me is to feel good and to support the people I care for. If I had not chosen this path, I would not meet Kiril and a lot of other people with beautiful souls. As far as my social life is concerned – it is very active, funny and complete; I meet wonderful people full of positive emotions and with incredible approach to life.

My new goal is to motivate and help all those people who make their first steps in their transformation. To give my advice and support to everybody who dare to change because after this difficult transition you become stronger not only physically but also spiritually and you find out that all your efforts are not wasted.

One thing I know for sure! You direct your life, you take the decisions and you are the person who can achieve the impossible if you have the will and desire to do it! Just be yourself! Never give up!


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