Marinela’s dream of a new life

Marinela’s dream of a new life

My name is Marinela Ivanova, I am 24 years old and I am from Burgas. I work at the canteen of “Secondary School L. Karavelov” as a cashier. I have been happily married since 2015, although long before that my husband and I had a sacred wish to have a child. Unfortunately, due to bad circumstances our wish turned into a dream. After series of surgical operations, I put on 40 kilograms and before I met Kiril Tanev I couldn’t find a way to get rid of them. I have tried several diets, which were unsuccessful and this had an extremely demotivating impact on me.

I took the spontaneous decision to join the radio show “I Want New Life”. The truth is that I had never heard anything about the mentors. I knew that my life is in my hands and I had to do something. This was my chance and I really hoped to get it. After the interview, I immediately went home to search some information about Kiril and Stoyan. After everything I read, I was sure that even if they did not choose me to participate, I would contact Kiril for help. I was lucky to be approved for the show.

I hoped this would be the turning point in my life…… and this is exactly what happened.

After the show started, we received our nutrition and training plans and I was very surprised. It was not frightening at all; we would not starve just the opposite. The food was too much for me, before that I ate twice a day and now I had to do it 5 times a day. It was very difficult for me in the beginning.

I woke up full and went to bed feeling full. I felt heavy and thought it was unwise to eat so much food per day. I did not believe that I would be able to lose a gram in this way.

Moreover, for two weeks, I managed to gain 2 kilograms and I was on the verge to quit. After I realized that I was heavier, I immediately wrote to Kiril but he wasn’t surprised. I was desperate, he believed that we would achieve our goal but I didn’t. The truth is that he believed in me more than I believed in myself. This strongly motivated me and gave me the strength to continue and not to stop. I felt responsible that somebody counted on me to be strict. I felt great after the gym and every day it was getting better. I was toned, energetic and in a good mood. After the first 1-2 kilograms and several centimeters lost, I was the happiest person on earth. I was impatient for Sunday to come so that I can check my measures and weight.

Gradually, my nutrition and training plan became my way of life, my metabolism started to work. I spent my time in the gym with great pleasure.

Kiril Tanev is a turning point in my life, probably I would never lose a gram without his help. He is super positive, always smiling and a real professional. I think that there is nothing accidental in life. You can tell that what he does brings him real pleasure and for me his professionalism is at world level.

Only three months of our work together and a real miracle occurred to me. I lost 13 kilograms but the miracles don’t stop here. Our dream with my husband is on the way to be fulfilled.

Who would suppose how important the proper nutrition and sports activities are. Immediately after I learned the good news, I was eager to write to Kiril, I knew how much he helped me and how important it was for him together to achieve our goal. I had no words to describe how grateful I was. Without him I wouldn’t be so happy now and I wouldn’t get the chance to hear the beat of my baby’s heart. I am strongly motivated in a few months after I hug my baby, to finish what we started with Kiril and reach the 70 kilograms I dream of. I know that working with Kiril, one day I will not only won’t be ashamed but I will be proud and I will show off with my body.

I know that I am not the only person with an overweight problem but I already know what the solution is. My advice to everybody is not to count on diets on the Internet but to ask for help from a professional. The excessive weight is an obstacle and illness but the solution is easy.

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