Daily routine and multifunctionality of the training business woman

Daily routine and multifunctionality of the training business woman

Nowadays, the contemporary woman is more than just a mother, wife and housewife – she is a career seeker, a vain beauty, even an active sportswoman. In one word multifunctional. You think that this fairy tale is impossible, only because TIME is a good excuse and is never enough. Or somewhere somebody expects from you to be something you don’t want to be and you make just another sacrifice, disregarding yourself. Actually …. It is not very important in what role somebody else wants to see you, much more important it is how you feel and whether you are happy with the life you have. It is important to find the time to be everything – to be where you are needed but also to take the most from every situation and satisfy YOUR needs. That’s why – think about yourself. First of all, you are a woman and a self-respecting person, then you are a mother, wife, housewife and a working woman. Don’t waste time, start today, start now. Start loving yourself.

My name is Veselina and while you are reading this, you will probably rediscover yourself in some aspect of my daily routine, which I will shortly describe here. What I eat, how I train and how I manage to find time for all the rest.

My (un)usual day starts exactly at 6 o’clock. The previous night I already prepared my food for the next day – usually it takes almost an hour and I don’t waste time in the morning when I have exactly 30 minutes for myself – my outfit, my protein shake, the music with which I start my day and charge my batteries for the forthcoming workout. And while everybody is still asleep, I have already put on my sportswear. Then everybody is awake, my kid is dressed up and ready for school. Next thing is my workout. I personally prepare my training plan, I have calculated it to take me around 90 minutes, and then I have a shower and head for the office. After my workout, I am full of energy and happy that I have taken care of myself and I can start my work day with a smile. My working routine is very intensive but I can’t feel it because sport gives me inner strength and confidence – my regular workouts at the gym feed not only my body but my mind as well. I train five or six times per week, sometimes even more depending on my goals. My workouts are structured and precise and their duration is strictly calculated. I don’t have time for chitchat in the gym, my time is calculated up to the last minute so that I manage to get to work on time. Here and there, I find a minute for a selfie but this is something different:)

During the morning briefing, when we review and discuss the emails and the tasks for the day, I eat my second post workout meal consisting mainly of whites, oats and fruit. My aromatic coffee is compulsory and it charges me to the maximum after my workout. I usually drink it at 9:30 at the start of my working day. I eat every 3-4 hours and every meal contains the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins necessary for my organism, calculated as per my current goal and intensiveness of my workouts.

My personal trainer prepares my nutrition plan and I try to follow it very strictly. I don’t cook every day. Usually, I cook my main meals Sunday night and divide them in equal portions. Thus, I save time and constant hanging in the kitchen. The only thing I insist on is my breakfast to be fresh and worm – my favourite oat pancake that doesn’t take me more than 10-15 minutes to prepare. And this cycle repeats every week. I have never found any excuse to ruin my nutrition plan, which I actually turned into a way of life. I not only like eating clean but my body wants it. If I am travelling and I haven’t managed to prepare my daily menu I always find with what to replace – rice cakes instead of rice/potatoes or a dose of protein. Even the menu in a restaurant cannot be an excuse for me, only because they offer home cooked meals – every kitchen has eggs, rice and grill. Of course, I am not one of those who never relax their mind and put an absolute taboo on the foods favourite to everyone like pizza, spaghetti, burger and sweets. Like everybody else, I also have my weak moments, especially after an exhaustive diet, and sometimes it happens to jump on a piece of cake, banitsa, pizza or ice cream. But this hasn’t in any way distracted me from my goals and my way of life. When I cross my limitations, I do it with pleasure and try to enjoy the food to the maximum without feeling any remorse afterwards that I will put on a few grams. I don’t like to go to extremes – just the opposite – if you want to achieve good results, balance is most important. This means that you should give a rest to your body and mind. But don’t get me wrong – to have a rest does not mean to include junk food as a main nutrition source in your menu, but to treat yourself occasionally as a “reward” after an exhaustive training or several clean meals. You follow your nutrition plan without weighing every gram of your food and include one or two cheat meals weekly and thus you recover your body and mind.

As we speak about recovery – how is it possible to manage with you workout in the morning and then a hectic day is in front of you? With well-selected supplements, various and clean food and last but not least – relaxation with massages. I don’t underestimate all these under any circumstances. You will ask – when do you find the time for all this? My lunch break is the best occasion to spare an hour for my relaxation. Unfortunately, sleep is never enough, but as we say, complete happiness is a rare thing.

My daily routine is very active, I live at full speed and I manage to fit in all of my roles. Sometimes I am better, sometimes worse but I get by. You will say – it is difficult and impossible. No, it is possible. And yes, it is difficult. But who would think this is achievable without making efforts and forgetting about our comfort. This is the key to success – our daily sacrifice. It is your choice if today you want to take care of yourself or stay on the couch in front of the TV because you are so tired and cannot please yourself with something nice. Whether you prefer to feed yourself with convenience food, which is bad for your health and spend countless nights at the disco instead of enjoying a good night’s sleep and having a fresh tomorrow. To spare time for your family in the evening to hug your child and listen to its thrills, to cook dinner for your loved ones. The choice is yours, priorities, too.

Nothing is difficult when you desire it and you are aware that you do it not only for you but also for the person next to you. It is great when there is a person beside you who supports you and most importantly accepts what you love doing. Because only then balance is possible and your desire to follow your goal is much bigger. You can always find excuses, but there is time as long as there is a will. If you have the courage, will and discipline to follow your dreams, you will gradually become much more organized in your daily tasks and much more positive towards life and the other people. When you introduce this new rhythm to your life, you adjust your organism to work at this speed and energy and if suddenly this cycle stops, you will definitely feel incomplete.

So, whether you just want to look good in your dresses or completely change your lifestyle, mentality, physique… it doesn’t matter. Regardless of your personal motive, all this would help you improve your self-esteem and inner satisfaction.

EARLY IN THE MORNING, AFTER WORK IN THE EVENING, DURING THE WEEKEND – YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND TIME. Because this is your time, your personal gift, so that afterwards you can devote yourself to all the rest. And believe me, it’s worth it – every step towards your goal is a step to your personal happiness.

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