Workouts and exercises

Why is it important to train with a fitness instructor?

We live in times when healthy eating, physical activity and sports occupy a very important place in peoples’ lives. Dictated by vanity, pursuit of healthier lifestyle or considered even a path of healing and treatment of different illnesses, these activities (for some of us – lifestyle) lead us more and more often to fitness gyms and sports centers, sports grounds or outside in nature, in the park or in the mountains. Every day we are flooded with information on how […]

When and How to Include Drop Sets in Our Workout

If you train to maximize your muscle size or get ripped, you will soon find out that a lot of methods work but nothing works forever. The basic approach 3 sets x 10 repetitions or 4 sets x 8 repetitions you are doing since you were a student probably stopped giving results since you graduated high school. This is the reason why professional bodybuilders start modifying every part of the training puzzle – increase weigh, training volume, change of exercises […]

My Micro Cutting Plan

My schedule has always been extremely busy, full of work and engagements. Sport is part of it and has always been. I rarely allow myself to be out of shape and the fact that this year I gained weight made me feel uncomfortable. Of course, I intentionally made a longer bulk period and accumulated a bigger percentage of subcutaneous fat. As a result, I reached 90 kg, which is quite a lot for my height of 178 cm. I had […]

What is Y3T?

A bodybuilding legend, Neil Hill is recognized around the world as the creator of Y3T (Yoda 3 Training). Neil has drawn on his 30 years of experience to develop his battle-tested system, which helps maximize muscle gains by cycling intensities, rep ranges, rest pauses, and time under tension. Today Y3T isn’t just for competitive bodybuilders; it’s for all athletes looking to improve their performance and body composition. Continuous progress can take place because of the unique weekly cycling. It will […]

More about FST7 and how to apply it

Years ago, when I started my career in fitness, there were a lot of magazines here in Bulgaria and abroad, a lot of books were published. At that time, the most popular was the book of Ben and Joe Weider. It contained different training principles for achieving muscle mass, shredded body, initial period, competitive period, etc. They emphasized mainly on the workouts. These days, we are more and more speaking about nutrition, supplements, drugs, we are looking for the “miracle” […]

Factors that influence fat burning processes

Understanding the process of lipolysis, that is, how the body burns fat, will help you further along in your goal of fat loss. Lipolysis is often out of the spotlights at the expense of thermogenesis, but actually very few people come to think that in order to reach fat burning, they should prepare for this with the help of lipolysis. This physiological process is the breakdown of the triglycerides in our body to fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids […]