How Ivelina Ivanova believed in herself and in the change for the better!

Believe in yourself! Believe in the change for the better! Although to fly, you don’t need belief but to understand what flying is. I have come a long way until I started to know myself, my body and what exactly I wanted to achieve. A will go back in time. When I was a student, I was slim and slender, I ate regularly and I never had any problems with my weight. However, life decided to put me to a […]

Violeta Ivanova Team KT: “Don’t give up! Be strong!”

Don’t give up! Be strong! Powerful and motivating words, which we more and more often hear and read under posts in the social networks. But what do they mean for every one of us, how many of us are capable of hearing them and dressing them in real actions? Isn’t it to be strong when you are actually helpless, the most difficult thing for a person? When you fight against powers such as nature, genetics, health (or illness), which are […]

Veselina Chernoglazova and her way to the stage

Every time I wanted to start writing my story, I felt that it was not the right moment until I realized that the moment had come. Two and a half years ago, when everything started, I was so impressed by my first results that I had the enormous desire to write about them but I felt that it was too early for that… And just now it became clear that every person we meet in our life has a purpose […]

Marinela’s dream of a new life

My name is Marinela Ivanova, I am 24 years old and I am from Burgas. I work at the canteen of “Secondary School L. Karavelov” as a cashier. I have been happily married since 2015, although long before that my husband and I had a sacred wish to have a child. Unfortunately, due to bad circumstances our wish turned into a dream. After series of surgical operations, I put on 40 kilograms and before I met Kiril Tanev I couldn’t […]

Once Upon a Time…..

This is a story, which may not be interesting to everybody. The story of a girl and her first steps in her new life. You know that there is a point in our lives when it becomes difficult to deal with mundane things, you feel frustration and less satisfaction and this is the moment to change something. This happened to me three years ago and I decided that it is time to change something in my daily routine. My work […]

Yordan and his Summer Physical Shape

I have the pleasure to present to you another interesting transformation. Today my guest is Yordan with whom I have worked for several months and the results he achieved are impressive. I hope when young people see his physical shape they shall believe in sports and training, proper nutrition and its combination with workouts and recovery. Here is what Yordan shared with us: “My name is Yordan Hasabiev, I am 30 years old and I live in Holland. I practiced […]

The Story of Elena Nedeva and Our Work Together

This is a story, which I like very much and would be happy to share with you. The story of my work with Elena Nedeva – a wonderful woman who needed the final touch to achieve the desired physical shape. Together we have excellent results. “My name is Elena Nedeva, I am 43 years old, from Sofia, a graduated engineer as far as education is concerned, but if we speak about profession engineering is not mine, neither part of my […]

The Amazing Transformation of Dimitar Aleksiev for Only Three Months

Today I would like to acquaint you with the successful transformation of a boy with whom I have been working lately. His name is Dimitar Aleksiev and together we achieved excellent results. First, I would like to share his story and after that I will explain how we achieved his physical shape. “My name is Dimitar Aleksiev and I am thirty years old from Burgas. I have been practicing fitness for six years and the reason to start was my […]